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Liquicity Records - is a Dutch drum and base label run by Maris Godsschward and Mark van der Schout (better known by his stage name Maduk) since 2011.

Maris Godsschward created his YouTube channel called Liquicity back in 2008 with the idea of ​​launching a completely new subculture within drum and bass. He created a certain type of drum and bass music that had not previously had a name, and thus gave shape to the global musical community. That was the style of liquid drum & bass. The channel quickly attracted fans - who else would have become so famous as "Liquicitizens" - with the same musical taste, and artists of the same genre who were on the channel gradually formed a close group.

In the summer of 2011, Godsschward heard Maduk's first track, Avalon, and contacted him to promote it on Liquicity, and it turned out to be a huge success. The collaboration between the two developed into a team, and Liquicity Records was formed as a label a few months later.

In January 2013, they formed a new company for the Liquicity event and label issues. Through a combination of music promotion, recording and events, the duo's hobby has grown into a full-time job.


You can listen to and purchase all the releases of the label here.

Fokuz Recordings was founded early 1999 by Dreazz who had been travelling up and down to the UK on a weekly basis, buying and selling records for his shop & import distribution in Rotterdam Triple Vision Record Distribution.

+- 15 Years later Fokuz Recordings gathered an impressive back catalog including music from the early career stages of today’s well known/respected artists as Lenzman, Spectrasoul, Alix Perez and many others.

The current roster includes promising talents such as Macca & Loz Contreras, Malaky, Satl, Kasper, Silence Groove and Soligen & Type 2 all pushing forward their distinctive blend of tasty, soulful drum & bass. Always with regard for the past, but most definitely with an eye towards the future!


You can listen to and purchase all the releases of the label here.

Hospital Records is an independent record label based in south London. Primarily releasing drum & bass, the label was started in 1996 by Tony Colman and Chris Goss, and has grown to become one of the most well known labels within UK dance music.

The label has been home to artists such as High Contrast, London Elektricity, Danny Byrd, Netsky, Camo & Krooked, Logistics and Nu:Tone, but also releases tracks from a whole host of other artists across the drum & bass genre. From its HQ in Herne Hill, south London, Hospital also runs the more experimental label Med School, as well as publishing company Songs In The Key Of Knife, their worldwide events brand Hospitality and talent agency Clinic Talent.


You can listen to and purchase all the releases of the label here.


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Liqui Radio is not a commercial Internet radio station and is funded by donations made by our listeners. Therefore, if possible, please support us financially.
We use the collected funds to pay for copyright for using tracks on the air, renting a server, and developing an Internet radio station.
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For cooperation and suggestions, please write to us through the feedback form, or by e-mail liquiradio@gmail.com

Liqui Radio is the first Ukrainian Internet radio station to broadcast music in the style of liquid drum and bass, atmospheric drum and bass, classical drum and bass.

All tracks are carefully selected by our music experts, and we offer you to evaluate their quality. There is no advertising on the radio, which allows you not to be distracted from listening to your favorite tracks.

We invite you to subscribe to the Internet radio page in your favorite social networks and follow the news that will be on the Liqui Radio review.

We will be very grateful to you for the financial assistance that will allow us to develop, constantly adding the best music to the air and making listening to it as convenient as possible for you. Information on how to make a translation is at the very bottom of the page.

In addition, we are open to your proposals for cooperation with Liquid Radio. To do this, there is a feedback form on the Internet radio site, or an e-mail through which you can send us a request.
Always with you is the Liqui Radio team.

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